Project Caren 2 (working title)

Those of you who already played Caren can expect to experience numerous changes and additions. In fact not only the game mechanics but also its content change massively. We do not consider this an extension or add-on but a completely new game which will actually include a remake of the first part.

Do not worry, no spoilers ahead but  we’ll say this much (without letting the head er… cat out of the bag), the game will be arranged into several chapters and we work hard on it becoming less linear that one might expect from an adventure game.

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Caren and the Tangled Tentacles for C64

Caren is part of a skeleton crew, looking after the local science center during the vacation. She could have never anticipated how one gruesome discovery would turn a quiet workplace and her whole life upside down.

Help her discover the truth in this heavily praised point-and-click adventure game that harkens back to the golden era of the genre.
Plunge into a captivating plot, solve diverse, satisfying puzzles and enjoy the Commodore 64’s audio-visual capabilities pushed to their very limits.

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