Demo “Funky Xmas 2018” for Atari Lynx

Find our little christmas-card demo in the link below featuring my new audio engine and of course Jammer’s great tune making use of it.
3 channels only since this routine is going to be implemented into our game project “Lacim’s Legacy” and I want to keep a 4th channel completely free for SFX (yes, could be mixed but I prefer it this way :).

Diving into Lynx audio was quite some endeavour and I thank in particular sage, karri and for sharing their experience and sources. This would all sound lame and bad if it wasn’t for Jammer and his technical skills composing within funny restrictions. This routine plays at 60Hz (so once per frame). You can press button ‘A’ to toggle on/off individual channels. No samples involved :) 

The awesome santa clause animation is by Bruno Moraes.

Enjoy and a wonderful christmas time to all of you,

enthusi & Jammer & all of PriorArt

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Caren – Thank You Edition 2018

The ‘Thank You Edition’ of ‘Caren and the Tangled Tentacles’ represents the status quo of the engine including the new controls. The game content is similar to the ‘Kickstarter version’. A bit more here and there… but of course without the backer archives.

In case you complete the game, feel free to send in the final ‘codes’ 😉 We keep on working on Project Caren 2.

Thank you for all the feedback we got!
Martin, Oliver & Kamil

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Assembloids 2600 binaries for free!

Dear all fellow Atarians 🙂

Last year our game ‘Assembloids2600’ was released and it is since then available at the AtariAge store. Today we publish the binaries for the PAL and NTSC version as well.

You can follow up some reviews and reports about the game from the game thread in AtariAge forums.

We think it is a fun, easy-to-pick up game that is still challenging for any gamer out there. You can still get a boxed version with Ptoing’s great art or a physical cart plus manual to support us and of course, Albert’s efforts and his online shop.

Thanks for reading, playing and being part of this community 🙂

Martin, enthusi / PriorArt

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