Demo “VirtualBeat” for Nintendo VirtualBoy

A music tracker engine based free VirtualBeat Audio Engine for the Virtual Boy console.



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Specs Summary:

  • 100% handwritten v810 Assembler
  • player takes up to 450us (~2% of a frame which is 20ms) for heavy frames
    – on average much less!
  • converts S3M modules to engine format (we use the great free Schismtracker)
  • all 6 channels
  • channel 6 dedicated to ‘noise’ instruments
  • featuring ‘low’ notes and precussion for noise channel
  • exhange 1-5 WAVE tables on the fly
  • lowest direct note is d#2 (hardware limit)
  • up to 30 instruments supported

Supported effects in S3M tracker:

  • tempo – currently in units of frames
    (can be set at any column and without an instrument)
  • volume 0-63 – gets divided to 0-15 by player!
    (can be set without an instrument)
  • panning (S8x)
    x=0-6 from all left to all right. 3 being center
  • continue with pattern xx (Bxx)
    (can be set at any column)
  • continue with NEXT pattern (break) as ‘C00’
    (identical to B3F)