Caren – Thank You Edition 2018

The ‘Thank You Edition’ of ‘Caren and the Tangled Tentacles’ represents the status quo of the engine including the new controls. The game content is similar to the ‘kickstarter version’. A bit more here and there… but of course without the backer archives.

In case you complete the game, feel free to send in the final ‘codes’ 😉 We keep on working on Project Caren 2.

Thank you for all the feedback we got!
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PriorArt Games | play retro

PriorArt was founded in 2015 to build an enduring game development team
for retro plattforms.

Coder: Dr. Martin “enthusi” Wendt
Coder: Ulrich “Peiselulli” Schulz
Graphics artist and designer: Oliver “v3to” Lindau
Music and Sound effects: Kamil “Jammer” Wolnikowski