SAFTS – Spin all 4 Table Soccer (Compo)

SAFTS is a C64 foosball game for 1 or 2 players. The playfield utilizes 8 bars and the full number of players. To keep all dimensions as accurate as possible, the playfield ranges over the full screen with the bar handles and goals extending into the top/bottom and side borders. During the development process high value was set to skill based and also fluid gameplay in 50 fps.

The design of the game is kept straight:

  • You can select a human or artificial player for either of the sides.¬†
  • The game ends with a trophy screen and winning tune when either player scored 3, 5, or 10 goals. There are two difficulty settings.
  • The active bar is automatically selected based on ball position and speed. In addition you can control either your own goalie or the striker in front of the current bar.
  • It takes skill to master the CPU or to humiliate a ‘friend’.


  • Programming: Dr. Martin Wendt
  • Graphics and animation: Oliver Lindau
  • Music and sound effects: Kamil Wolnikowski

Specs summary:

  • Fully handwritten 6502 Assembler
  • 2 players simultaneous or 1 player vs CPU
  • CPU player that emulates actual joystick input
    (thus, always fair)
  • 50Hz, screen updates
  • 16 animation phases per player
  • GOAL animation in open sideborder with full screen animation
  • 1/16 subpixel precision for the ball
  • SFXs depend on ball speed and collision partners
  • Demo play


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