Project Caren 2 (working title)

Those of you who already played Caren can expect to experience numerous changes and additions. In fact not only the game mechanics but also its content change massively. We do not consider this an extension or add-on but a completely new game which will actually include a remake of the first part.

Do not worry, no spoilers ahead but  we’ll say this much (without letting the head er… cat out of the bag), the game will be arranged into several chapters and we work hard on it becoming less linear that one might expect from an adventure game.

The village will grow notably in size as will the number of inhabitants that you can meet. In the end, each door that you can see will in principle be accessible. Of course this will depend on the flow of the game. Not everyone is going to let Caren in, right?

While this is what we always wanted there is quite some work ahead of us. All planned buildings will be constructed out of several locations and even already existing rooms will get an overhaul in some cases. We already changed some of the controls to render the experience of navigating through the game and story more smoothly. The quick-exit option now became a direct action panel item and we omitted the double-click completely.

We are very excited about this like we were from day one and we are most grateful for the feedback we received so far!

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